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UL/Cul Recognized Spring Cable

  • UL/Cul Recognized Spring Cable
  • UL/Cul Recognized Spring Cable
  • UL/Cul Recognized Spring Cable
  • UL/Cul Recognized Spring Cable
  • UL/Cul Recognized Spring Cable
  • UL/Cul Recognized Spring Cable
  • UL/Cul Recognized Spring Cable
  • UL/Cul Recognized Spring Cable
Model No.︰UL21320
Brand Name︰WCH Cable
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰US $ 0.265 / pc
Minimum Order︰200 pc
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Product Description

Description of UL/Cul Recognized Spring Cable:

Applied Standard: UL758

Recognized Type: UL, CUL, CSA Approval

Suitable to assemble with electronic parts / products delivered to North America, Canada.

Rated Voltage: 300~600V

Rated Temperature: 80 ~ 150 deg C


Parameters of UL/Cul Recognized Spring Cable:

Type Cores Conductor Size Copper Strands Insulation Thickness Nominal Diameter Screen Coverage Jacket Thickness Overall Diameter Conductor Resistance
AWG No/mm mm mm % mm mm Ω/KM(20C)
UL Spring Cable 4C 30 7/0.100 0.76 1.90 >=65 1.15 8.80 381.00
4C 28 7/0.127 0.76 2.00 >=65 1.15 9.00 239.00
4C 26 7/0.16 0.76 2.10 >=65 1.15 9.30 150.00
4C 24 11/0.16 0.76 2.20 >=65 1.15 9.60 94.20
4C 22 17/0.16 0.76 2.40 >=65 1.15 10.00 59.40
4C 20 21/0.178 0.76 2.50 >=65 1.15 10.50 36.70
5C 30 7/0.100 0.76 1.90 >=65 1.15 9.10 381.00
5C 28 7/0.127 0.76 2.00 >=65 1.15 9.40 239.00
5C 26 7/0.16 0.76 2.10 >=65 1.15 9.50 150.00
5C 24 11/0.16 0.76 2.20 >=65 1.15 9.90 94.20
5C 22 17/0.16 0.76 2.40 >=65 1.15 10.60 59.40
6C 30 7/0.100 0.76 1.90 >=65 1.15 9.50 381.00
6C 28 7/0.127 0.76 2.00 >=65 1.15 9.80 239.00
6C 26 7/0.16 0.76 2.10 >=65 1.15 10.10 150.00
6C 24 11/0.16 0.76 2.20 >=65 1.15 10.40 94.20


Style numbers of UL/Cul Recognized Spring Cable:

UL1007, UL1013, UL1015, UL1028, UL1056, UL1061, UL1095, UL1120, UL1185, UL1226, UL1227, UL1330, UL1331, UL1332, UL1333, UL1347, UL1371, UL1429, UL1430, UL1431, UL1500, UL1505, UL1533, UL1534, UL1538, UL1569, UL1571, UL1577, UL1581, UL1589, UL1591, UL1592, UL1617, UL1618, UL1672, UL1673, UL1674, UL1685, UL1698, UL1716, UL1723, UL1764, UL1790, UL1845, UL1876, UL1886, UL1887, UL1900, UL1901, UL1914, UL1983, UL10045, UL10048, UL10050, UL10057, UL10060, UL10064, UL10066, UL10072, UL10102, UL10106, UL10149, UL10156, UL10187, UL10189, UL10192, UL10193, UL10248, UL10296, UL10311, UL10322, UL10330, UL10331, UL10339, UL10345, UL10367, UL10368, UL10369, UL10387, UL10411, UL10426, UL10428, UL10439, UL10444, UL10446, UL10456, UL10463, UL10521, UL10522, UL10530, UL10545, UL10553, UL10556, UL10586, UL10587, UL10593, UL10602, UL10643, UL10644, UL10645, UL10646, UL10651, UL10666, UL10694, UL10699, UL10720, UL10729, UL10730, UL10732, UL10733, UL10734, UL10737, UL10774, UL10775, UL10785, UL10795, UL10796, UL10800, UL10838, UL10839, UL10840, UL10841, UL10842, UL10843, UL10844, UL10845, UL10846, UL10847, UL10848, UL10849, UL10850, UL10851, UL10852, UL10853, UL10854, UL10855, UL10856, UL10857, UL10858, UL10922, UL10946, UL10947, UL10949, UL10950, UL10952, UL10953, UL10972, UL10981, UL10982, UL10983, UL10984, UL10985, UL10986, UL10987, UL10993, UL11025, UL11026, UL11027, UL11028, UL11029, UL11030, UL11034, UL11035, UL11107, UL11108, UL11118, UL11143, UL11144, UL11150, UL11164, UL11165, UL11166, UL11167, UL11179, UL11213, UL11217, UL11238, UL11282, UL11283, UL11284, UL11285, UL11286, UL11327, UL11328, UL2092, UL2095, UL2096, UL2405, UL2464, UL2468, UL2516, UL2517, UL2547, UL2562, UL2576, UL2592, UL2614, UL2651, UL2655, UL2661, UL2662, UL2678, UL2725, UL2733, UL2785, UL2789, UL2835, UL2838, UL2841, UL2844, UL2845, UL2851, UL2854, UL2919, UL2951, UL2969, UL2990, UL20050, UL20057, UL20080, UL20084, UL20095, UL20137, UL20139, UL20152, UL20197, UL20200, UL20233, UL20234, UL20235, UL20236, UL20254, UL20255, UL20256, UL20276, UL20279, UL20280, UL20281, UL20292, UL20308, UL20317, UL20318, UL20327, UL20328, UL20329, UL20330, UL20346, UL20350, UL20351, UL20352, UL20353, UL20358, UL20368, UL20369, UL20379, UL20387, UL20390, UL20410, UL20411, UL20413, UL20417, UL20445, UL20475, UL20512, UL20549, UL20554, UL20558, UL20563, UL20567, UL20604, UL20617, UL20618, UL20625, UL20626, UL20640, UL20694, UL20698, UL20710, UL20724, UL20730, UL20733, UL20745, UL20806, UL20820, UL20841, UL20842, UL20843, UL20844, UL20850, UL20851, UL20854, UL20855, UL20862, UL20863, UL20866, UL20868, UL20886, UL20904, UL20911, UL20936, UL20937, UL20938, UL20939, UL20940, UL20948, UL20955, UL20963, UL20968, UL20978, UL20979, UL21002, UL21007, UL21016, UL21029, UL21030, UL21031, UL21032, UL21060, UL21064, UL21080, UL21088, UL21089, UL21099, UL21100, UL21101, UL21118, UL21119, UL21120, UL21126, UL21127, UL21139, UL21140, UL21142, UL21143, UL21144, UL21161, UL21165, UL21183, UL21184, UL21198, UL21223, UL21235, UL21238, UL21252, UL21253, UL21284, UL21285, UL21286, UL21287, UL21292, UL21293, UL21294, UL21296, UL21303, UL21304, UL21305, UL21306, UL21307, UL21308, UL21309, UL21310, UL21311, UL21313, UL21314, UL21315, UL21316, UL21317, UL21318, UL21319, UL21320, UL21322, UL21323, UL21324, UL21325, UL21326, UL21327, UL21328, UL21329, UL21330, UL21371, UL21381, UL21387, UL21388, UL21394, UL21408, UL21409, UL21411, UL21412, UL21414, UL21415, UL21445, UL21451, UL21452, UL21453, UL21454, UL21455, UL21456, UL21457, UL21458, UL21462, UL21466, UL21468, UL21469, UL21484, UL21498, UL21503, UL21509, UL21515, UL21516, UL21517, UL21518, UL21520, UL21556, UL21557, UL21565, UL21572, UL21573, UL21576, UL21632, UL21633, UL21686, UL21687, UL21697, UL21705, UL21707, UL21714, UL21715, UL3066, UL3068, UL3069, UL3070, UL3071, UL3074, UL3075, UL3098, UL3122, UL3123, UL3132, UL3133, UL3134, UL3135, UL3136, UL3138, UL3140, UL3141, UL3142, UL3167, UL3172, UL3173, UL3182, UL3194, UL3195, UL3196, UL3199, UL3236, UL3239, UL3265, UL3266, UL3270, UL3271, UL3288, UL3289, UL3290, UL3295, UL3297, UL3298, UL3300, UL3302, UL3312, UL3314, UL3315, UL3320, UL3321, UL3323, UL3331, UL3336, UL3342, UL3343, UL3344, UL3346, UL3350, UL3351, UL3352, UL3363, UL3364, UL3367, UL3384, UL3385, UL3386, UL3398, UL3415, UL3416, UL3417, UL3423, UL3424, UL3435, UL3436, UL3440, UL3443, UL3447, UL3448, UL3453, UL3454, UL3456, UL3463, UL3464, UL3466, UL3469, UL3470, UL3473, UL3485, UL3491, UL3492, UL3495, UL3505, UL3512, UL3529, UL3530, UL3564, UL3567, UL3569, UL3581, UL3589, UL3590, UL3596, UL3597, UL3598, UL3599, UL3610, UL3611, UL3619, UL3635, UL3647, UL3649, UL3652, UL3666, UL3766, UL3785, UL4384, UL4411, UL4412, UL4478

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