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Who is WCH Cable?

WCH Cable is short for WCH Cable Industrial Co., Ltd. It is also the brand name of WCH Cable Industrial Co., Ltd. WCH Cable is a leading manufacturer & supplier of Cable & wire in China. It was built since 1997, and is dedicated to manufacture & supply the best quality products. All cable & wire from WCH Cable must use (only) very high purity copper wire as conductors. And all delivered finished goods of cable & wire is guaranteed 100% RoHS compliant.

The most featured product of WCH Cable | Spring Cable

 +  WCH Cable is leading manufacturer / supplier of Spring Cable. The remarkable advantage of WCH Cable's spring cable is as following: excellent retractable force, high purity copper, environmental eco-friendly.

Custom Cable

 +  WCH Cable provide OEM custom service. Customers bring the sample or specification with specified requirement. WCH Cable is able to make you the cable / wire as you demand.

Standard Cable

 +  There are varieties of standard cable that WCH Cable manufacture & supply. These cable & wire are granted with different approval types. The approval types include but not limited to the following.

  • UL/Cul Approval
  • Flexible Cord / UL Flexible Cable
  • VDE Cable